Causes of Car Accidents – Common Causes

Nobody is sure exactly what causes car accidents, but one thing that experts are sure of is that a driver is at least partially responsible for every accident they cause. Studies show that the majority of fatal accidents involve a car misfiring while the driver is at fault. There are many causes of this phenomenon. Each type of accident has different characteristics that can help determine who is at fault.

Motorists are one of the most common causes of these accidents. Though it is considered to be one of the safest cars on the road, some drivers are careless and make mistakes that end up crashing into another car. Faulty gas gauge readings, bad weather conditions, and inexperienced or reckless drivers are all common causes of this type of accident. In addition, some drivers do not follow all of the rules that apply to their vehicles, such as holding both hands on the steering wheel at all times. The most likely reason behind this type of mistake is human error, since human error is the number one leading cause of car mishaps.

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Weather conditions are also considered to be among the top causes of an accident. An extreme cold or hot spell can easily cause a driver to make a wrong turn or maneuver improperly. There are times when there is a shortage of road conditions, such as fog or snow. In order to avoid these types of accidents, a driver should only drive in well planned out days and hours and should not try to drive in inclement weather. Driving over an ice-coated road or during night time is also one of the top causes of accidents, due to the danger of getting run over by other vehicles on the road. It is important to be aware of road conditions and prepare ahead of time so that you can avoid heavy traffic or treacherous roads so that you are able to drive safely.

Car accidents causes that are caused by negligence can also include hiring or using someone else’s vehicle without their permission. In addition, drivers who drink alcohol before traveling on the road are also negligent, since they put themselves in a dangerous situation. Personal injury accidents happen when drivers sustain injuries from another driver or from their own vehicle. Negligent drivers will have to pay medical costs and legal expenses as well as compensate other drivers involved.

The causes of a death can also include two percent of traffic deaths, caused by a breakdown, collision involving a train. Two percent of all car fatalities are due to a “motorcycle collision”, which means that a driver or motorcycle is involved in a vehicular accident caused by an automobile or a motorcycle. Another one percent is due to “other vehicle collision” or “necklace accident”. These include a collision between a vehicle and another vehicle, as well as collisions between passenger cars and other vehicles. The remaining five percent of fatal or non-fatal car accidents are caused by “pedestrian collision”.

Some of the causes of traffic accidents can be attributed to human error. This includes negligence of the driver, the collision site and weather conditions, and failure of the vehicle maintenance. Motorists can be charged with negligence for causing traffic accidents, regardless of whether the accident was the result of their mistake or not. In other cases, the charges can be based on negligence in the performance of the vehicle maintenance or in providing the necessary safety devices. If a person caused an accident by gross negligence, then he or she can be charged with reckless driving.

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